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I know, as many families do, that this time of year can be extremely busy.  Our schedules and routines that had been well-established as the new school year started may start to fall by the wayside.  The consistent reading and writing practice that was a part of our daily routines may become disrupted and sitting down for family reading and writing time may become more difficult.  Add the holiday break to that, and many students start to slide, losing ground with the gains they made.

There are many ways to avoid this and some can be even more fun than our traditional practice.  Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

  1. Recipe Reading!  Reading a recipe can be great practice for kids to follow directions, learn new words, and produce some tasty results for all that effort.
  2. Read a Song! Kids know so many Christmas carols by heart…why not let them start to read the words they know how to sing?  Printing a Christmas carol for your kids to look at as they serenade you is a great way for them to read new material that is familiar.  They’ll have the confidence to read it independently, build fluency, and start to recognize some new words.  Here’s a link to print out some popular Christmas carols: http://41051.com/xmaslyrics/
  3. ELF Someone!  The staff here at NSES decided to spread some holiday cheer and ELF each other – it’s like secret Santa, but without a big gift.  We just pick a name, write a nice message, and leave a little treat as a surprise for one of our co-workers in the morning.  Your kids would probably love doing that for someone in the family or neighborhood and it is a great way to get them to write.

There are so many ways to keep reading and writing part of your routine, even at this time of year.  The article below gives some great ideas too.

Top 10 Family Reading and Writing Ideas for the Winter Holidays | Reading Topics A-Z | Reading Rockets.

Have a wonderful upcoming holiday season!  Our apologies for the absence of more recent posts (reading teachers get off-schedule at this time of year, too).

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