Learning, Leading, and Loving Literacy

NSES recently celebrated one of our favorite days of the year – World Read Aloud Day!  Organized by LitWorld, this day is a day to celebrate the magic of reading aloud to children.

We already know that reading aloud to children every day puts them almost a year ahead of children who do not receive daily read alouds regardless of parental income, education level or cultural background (Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research). In addition to that, as Burkins and Yaris state, read aloud is simply a commercial for reading.  It invites children to enjoy the simple act of reading and to expose them to a variety of books and genres that they may not have read or heard yet.

We invited several families, community members, administrators, and friends to join us and read their favorite selections. Our honored guests included our principal, Jennifer Daigneault, vice-principal of Halliwell, Rachel Salvatore, Jean Meo (school committee member), Diane Jolin and Carolyn Frayne (former NSES principals),  our school resource officers, Officer Cabral and Officer Avila, Miss Renee, (town librarian), and several staff members and parents.

Please click here to view our Google slideshow of the event.

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