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2018 NSES Summer Reading Campaign: Just Read!

North Smithfield Elementary School

2018Summer Reading Campaign

Piece Together a Summer of Reading: Just Read!

Research suggests that children who read as few as six books each summer maintain the level of reading skills they achieved during the preceding school year. A summer without reading can create a loss of skills that extends into the next school year.

In the past we have offered challenges, logged minutes, and recorded the number of books read in order to motivate kids and keep them reading. This summer, we want to do something a little more simple and straightforward.  We are asking that all NSES students “Just Read”. Choose books you love and want to read and read as much as you can!

Of course, just like authentic readers, we want to talk about our reading experiences and share our thoughts about the books we read.  That’s why we’ve given you a “Reading Puzzle” (link below) for you to share on our Back to School Night (August 28, 2018). Bring your Reading Puzzle to the Literacy table on Back to School Night for a special sticker and we’ll post your puzzle for our community to see.

That’s it. Our NSES Summer Reading Campaign:

  1. Read as much as you can! See the lists below for suggestions if you need them.
  2. Complete this NSES Summer Reading Puzzle and bring it in to share on Back to School Night (August 28th).
  3. Bonus: Post a picture of you reading this summer to Facebook or Twitter and use the hashtag #NSESreads

Happy Summer and Happy Reading!!

Tracy Lafreniere, Bernadette Hawkins, Kim Sciuto, and Kelly Hubacz


Summer Suggestions Grade K

Summer Suggestions Grade 1

Summer Suggestions Grades 2-3

Comments on: "2018 NSES Summer Reading Campaign: Just Read!" (7)

  1. Nicole Denton said:

    Can I still sign up my kids? I did not have the opportunity to sign up my boys. Is it possible they can still participate?

  2. Susan St. Cyr said:

    I never submitted the first page of the Reading Challenge form!!! I didn’t notice it…sorry. From your response to Nicole, it appears that my kids won’t be penalized for my error?! They have been reading like crazy for this challenge. 🙂

    I can submit both forms along with their book reviews Tuesday when they return to school.

    • Susan St. Cyr said:

      Oops….I did submit it. I sent in a copy of the original. However, I can send in the original if you need it.
      Just let me know.

      • The copy will be just fine Susan! Thanks for participating! We’ll be collecting slips until the end of the week and then we’ll make an announcement about when the celebration will be.

  3. Karyn Lowe said:

    In keeping with the theme…I thought I could enter it online today. I will send Kaitlyn in with it tomorrow even if it doesn’t count. So sorry.

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